PEVIVA Products

PEVIVA's first-in-class CE-certified IVD cell death biomarker assays M30-Apoptosense® ELISA,  M65® ELISA, and  M65 EpiDeath® ELISA have been independently validated by pharmaceutical companies and clinical research centres for diagnostic use in oncology and hepatology. BIOAXXESS UK provides PEVIVA Cell Death Biomarker assays to Universities, Pharma, Biotech, CRO and Clinical Research and Diagnostic Laboratory Services.

CANDOR Bioscience Products

Established in 2003, BIOAXXESS® started as a technology and business consultancy for innovative research biochemicals and diagnostics kits.  Benefitting from our in-depth knowledge and long-standing experience for their products we now represent the original manufacturer CANDOR Biosciences, Germany for more than 10 years.  CANDOR Biosciences are an international leader in the development and manufacturing of the optimal buffer solution for every immuno-assay application to help you to increase the analytical reliability and efficiency.