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Established in 2003, BIOAXXESS® started as a technology and business consultancy for innovative research biochemicals and diagnostics kits. 

Benefitting from our in-depth knowledge and long-standing experience for their products we now represent the original manufacturer CANDOR Biosciences Germany for more than 10 years. 

CANDOR Biosciences are an international leader in the development and manufacturing of the optimal buffer solution for every immuno-assay application to help you to increase the analytical reliability and efficiency.

  • Assay Buffers (neutralizing HAMA, Rf and low/medium high affine interferences) in biological specimens (ELISA, IHC)
  • ReadyTector The All-in-One Western Blotting Solution
  • Blockers that reduce unspecific background
  • Stabilizers to increase shelf-life and preserve assay performance
  • Standard buffers direct from the manufacturer (BULK availability)


Why buy CANDOR Bioscience products?

  • The buffers are now in use in over 600 research, pharmaceutical development and routine diagnostic laboratories world-wide.
  • For diagnostic manufactures all products are available as OEM supplies.
  • All buffer solutions are produced by CANDOR Bioscience in their own state-of-the-art facility in Wangen, Germany thus, giving you Quality Made-in-Germany.
  • CANDOR Bioscience is certified for products for immunoassays according to IN EN ISO 9001:2015. Therefore, products can be used directly in regulated areas like GLP laboratories.


Which product solution is right for your immunoassay development and optimization project?

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CANDOR Optimizers
LowCross-Buffer®     LowCross-HRP®     Sample Buffer  













CANDOR Blockers
The Blocking Solution     BSA-Block     Smart Block™













CANDOR Stabilizers
Liquid Plate Sealer®     HRP-Protector™     Antibody Stabilizer












Professional Developer Package:

CANDOR Professional Developer Package
LowCross-Buffer® Professional Developer Package








Professional Stabilizer Package HRP:

CANDOR Professional Stabilizer Package HRP
Professional Stabilizer Package HRP







Product Sampler Packages:

CANDOR Product Sampler Packages
Starter Package     Blocking Sampler Package













Standard Buffer Solutions:

CANDOR Standard Buffer Solutions
Washing Buffer     Coating Buffer     Stripping Buffer